Rewarding Excellence with Distinctive Style Pays Dividends

Show appreciation and inspire loyalty while enhancing your corporate image when you give the gift of built-to-fit style. MEO partners with businesses across Chicagoland, Philly and DC to help guys dress for success. Like Trumaker’s hand-crafted, custom suits—these programs are tailored to each organization. To learn more about partnering with MEO to reward your top performers, call +1 847 957 STYLE.


Most Popular Packages

Signing Bonus. Help attract top talent to your organization when you add a Trumaker custom suit or jacket fitting to the onboarding experience—a unique and special way to say welcome to the team. Show them you mean business and get them suited for action.

Annual Dividend. Recognize important milestones or reward outstanding performance with a Trumaker custom suit fitting—a distinctive and personal way to say thank you for your contribution. Maximize performance goals and inspire continued loyalty.

Director's Advance. Reward the trailblazers and pioneers in your organization with a Trumaker wardrobe upgrade/overhaul—the perfect acknowledgement that they’re leading the way. Investing in successful leadership is the sincerest vote of confidence.

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Mary Ellen will help create a memorable experience for your group when you host your Private Shopping, Philanthropic or Team Meeting/Training event at Trumaker's River North showroom. Intimate space accommodates 30-50 comfortably, and Mary Ellen will arrange catering upon request.

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